Every seller wants to maximize the value of their home by selling it for the maximum price as quickly as possible.According to Josh, a Dallas Realtor, in a down real estate market this can be challenging because real estate inventory is high and few buyers exist in the space. Sellers that find a way to differentiate themselves from the crowd typically reach more buyers, sell their home faster and capture a higher closing price.

In down markets, sellers need to pull out all the stops. Before having the first open house, a seller should consult their real estate agent and a home stager. Even if the seller plans to sell their home on their own, they should utilize the valuable advice they might get from these trained professionals.

Remove the Clutter

Start the process by removing all areas of clutter from the home. This might require renting a storage unit, but every room should be minimally furnished, with light accents. Buyers want to envision themselves in the home. Having lots of clutter creates a lived in feel, making it harder for potential buyers to see their furnishings and family in the space. Additionally, clutter makes a room appear darker and smaller than it may actually be.

Remove the Family Photos

Sellers should avoid anything that might turn buyers off. Not only does it make it harder to imagine a family in a house full of another family’s photo, but it may also create some preconceived notions about the home or the homeowner. Whether this is right or wrong, sellers need to err on the side of caution.

Hide Problem Areas

Smart buyers will look under rugs and ask tough questions. Lucky for sellers, not all buyers will be thorough. While this is not recommended for major issues that must be disclosed to the buyer, an unsightly carpet stain or a small hole can be easily covered with a rug or a strategically placed vase or knickknack. Don’t overdo this or make it painfully obvious. It’s more important that the home appear open and uncluttered.

Keep Pleasant Scents

Bake some fresh cookies or muffins and ensure that all areas of the home smell clean and welcoming. Avoid heavy flowery scents. Keep everything subtle. The best way to provide pleasant smells is to place fresh flowers around the house. One or two flowers in a room can make a home much more inviting. Any negative odors should be dealt with immediately.

Real estate sellers must be detail oriented. Every experience should focus on providing buyers a reason to stay in the home and imagine moving in with their family. While no every home is unique, buyers will have common themes. Buyers want to feel at home. When they do, they will be much more likely to buy.